Our simple guide to packing for your house move:

Packing up your home ready for a house removal can be the most stressful part of the move. Most of us don’t like doing it and many people opt for packing services. But, if you do choose to pack yourself, here are our top tips to minimise the stress and help it go smoothly.

1. Give yourself time!

This is probably the most important piece of advice. Packing can be overwhelming, when you’re trying to fit everything else in you have to do before your move.

So, give yourself enough time and do it over a few weeks, or even months. Doing it a bit at a time will make it easier. It’ll also give you the opportunity to have a clear-out and get rid of anything you don’t need to take to your new home.

2. Use good quality packing materials

You want to make sure your precious belongings are well-protected. So, be sure to use strong, sturdy double-walled boxes. If they’re not strong enough or are over-filled, boxes can collapse in transit, which is the last thing you want.

Strong boxes will also help prevent any breakages or damage. For the same reason, use thick bubble wrap for all glass, crockery, fragile and sentimental items.

We can supply all packing materials for you and will quote for them after your property survey.

3. Consider using garment boxes

Garment boxes make transporting your clothes much easier, as they keep your wardrobe intact during your removal.

You simply take your clothes out of your wardrobe and place them directly inside the box, on the included hanging rail. No need to remove the hangers or fold your clothes up!

Of course, you can always use the garment boxes as a temporary wardrobe at your new home too, if you need to.

We can supply garment boxes and will quote for them after your property survey.

4. Always label your packing boxes

It’ll be hard to remember what’s in your packing boxes, so be sure to label them! This will help your removal team place them in the correct rooms in your new property. And it’ll save you a headache when you unpack too!

Use a Sharpie or marker pen to label each box clearly. Also write the room and a brief list of contents on the box, to make it easier to find things when you’re unpacking.

5. If it will fit in a box, put it in one!

Please pack all loose items into a box, especially fragile items. This will make packing and removal much easier.

Of course, we know there’ll be awkward items such as mops or vacuum cleaners that just won’t fit in a box. So, we can place those items securely in the van.

6. Leave the contents in your chest of drawers

You can leave items inside chests of drawers or side tables, to save space in boxes and packing time. As long as they’re not too heavy, we can move these units with the drawers still in them.

Our team will shrink wrap the chests or side tables to keep the drawers in place. However, if they are too heavy to move with the drawers in, we’ll remove them and put them back in the unit once it’s inside the van.

7. Protect your pictures, mirrors and televisions

We recommend using bubble wrap to protect your picture frames, mirrors and televisions. The same applies to computer equipment and screens.

If you have the original box for your TV, computer or other digital equipment, please use it for extra protection. You can also use cardboard for an extra layer of protection.

8. Pack an essentials bag

So you don’t have to rummage through boxes while settling in, pack an essentials bag for you and your family. Include things like toothbrushes, toiletries, medication, pyjamas and a change of clothes.

Pack a kitchen essentials box too, such as your kettle, toaster, some mugs, teaspoons, tea and coffee. Then you can make a cuppa and have a snack when you arrive at your new home!

9. Don’t worry about mattresses and sofas

Worried about protecting your sofas and mattresses? Don’t! We’ll provide heavy-duty mattress and sofa covers for your move, as part of the standard service.

10. Don’t forget to have fun with packing!

We know that packing can be a painful process if you’re not planned and prepared. So, try to make it fun instead by being prepared and following our tips.

And why not get some friends or your whole household involved in doing it together? You could even arrange a packing party! That way, you’ll enjoy it more and it will seem like less of a mammoth task.

Don’t forget, we can take away the stress of packing for you with our packing or partial packing services. Find out more or contact us for a quote.

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