Our simple guide to protecting your artwork

When you’ve got precious pieces of artwork, you of course want to protect them before and during your house move. But what’s the best way to suitably protect them?

We’ve come up with these tips to help you prepare your artworks ready for transportation and storage.

1. Use the right packing materials for the type of artwork

Different packing materials work best with different types of artwork. The last thing you want is your precious piece of art being damaged by what it’s packed in!

For example, use breathable acid-free sheets for protecting your oil paintings. These prevent moisture from getting trapped, which would damage your painting.

We can advise on the right materials for each piece of art you want to protect.

2. Keep your artwork upright

It’s important to ensure you pack your artwork and keep it the right way up when in transit. This will avoid it getting damaged.

If you’re doing your own packing, please label the correct way up on the outside packaging of your artwork, so your removal team knows which way to load it into the van.

3. Added extra protection for canvases

Unframed canvases are extremely fragile. If they come into contact with anything sharp while in transit, they can get damaged unnecessarily

That’s why we recommend using cardboard casing as an extra layer of protection for your unframed canvas artwork.

If your artwork is framed, it’s simpler to protect. A few layers of bubble wrap will prevent damage. However, for added peace of mind, we recommend using cardboard casing for an additional layer of protection.

Again, we can advise on the right packaging for your framed and unframed canvases.

4. Don’t store your artwork in direct sunlight

Sunlight can damage your artwork and cause it to fade. So, don’t expose it to direct sunlight in your home. And when moving, avoid storing it in sunlight too.

It’s also important to consider the temperature you’re storing your artwork at, to avoid any damage.

If you need help storing your artwork before or after your move, we can provide short or long-term storage solutions.

For specific packing, protection and storage advice for your artwork, contact us.

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