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Removal Terms and Conditions:


By confirming a booking with UK Rapid Removals, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Where we use the pronoun ‘You’ or ‘Yours’ we are referring to the client. ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ refers to UK Rapid Removals.

1.    The Quote

Unless stated otherwise, the quote is a fixed price and does not include materials, storage, custom duties or any other fees whatsoever. We may increase or decrease the price if any of the following have not been taken into account at the time of booking:

  1. You do not accept the quote, in writing, within 28 days with a date in place for the removal (the date can be changed) confirmed by us in writing.
  2. We have to collect or deliver goods to floors higher than those agreed, in writing, at the time of the booking.
  3. Inadequate access, meaning we cannot park within 10 metres of your doorway, unless you have notified us of this at the time of booking.
  4. Breakdown of lifts which were working at the time of quoting.
  5. Any parking charges or parking fines that we have to pay in order to carry out services on your behalf.
  6. Assembling or reassembling of flat packed furniture, or anything that we did not dismantle.

In the above situations, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

2. Work excluded from the quote:

Unless agreed by us in writing, we will not:

  1. Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fixtures, fittings or electrical equipment.
  2. Move items from a loft unless it is well illuminated with safe access.
  3. Dismantle and reassemble items, unless stated in your quote.

3. Our responsibility

  1. It will be our responsibility to deliver your goods to you undamaged. This means that we will deliver or produce the goods to you in the condition they were in at the time of packing or made ready for transportation.
  2. It will be our responsibility to carry out a pre-assessment of the condition of your hard furniture that we will record on our inventory list.

4. Your responsibility

  1. It will be your responsibility to declare any highly valuable items or make us aware of anything highly sentimental, including those items packed in boxes by you..
  2. It will be your responsibility to label boxes and inform us of which boxes contain fragile, sentimental or highly valuable items.
  3. It will be your responsibility to box your clothes, if packing for yourself. We sell garment boxes but do not provide rails or temporary wardrobes. We will therefore not accept rails with clothes uncovered in our vehicles.
  4. It will be your responsibility to inform us of any pre-existing damages to furniture.
  5. You must obtain all paperwork (licences, permits etc.) necessary for the removal.
  6. You or a family member must be present throughout the whole removal.
  7. You must empty, defrost completely and clean refrigerators and freezers. We are not responsible for the contents.
  8. Please provide us with a correspondence address.
  9. You must declare that all goods to be removed are your own property or you have the permission to move goods that are not your property.
  10. If you pack your own belongings, it is your responsibility to ensure you have done so properly, ensuring all glass has been protected and all liquids secured.

Other than by reason of our own negligence, we will not be held liable for costs that may arise from any of the above.

5. Goods excluded from removal contracts:

The following items are excluded from our contracts:

  1. Jewellery, watches, precious stones/metals and money.
  2. Items which have potential to damage, explode or be dangerous, including but not limited to, gas bottles and paints.
  3. Motorbikes / motorbike accessories.
  4. Anything containing petrol or diesel.
  5. Prohibited or stolen goods.
  6. Drugs.
  7. Food or drink which is refrigerated or frozen.
  8. Pets or animals, including fish and birds.

Any of the above items will not be moved by us unless we agree to do so in writing before the removal commences. If these goods are removed without our knowledge or agreement, we will not accept liability for loss or damages caused by such items.

6. Initial Deposit

A 25% deposit is required for all jobs, which will secure your removal date. The deposit should reach us the next working day (including Saturday) after the quote is accepted and agreed upon.

7. Paying for the removal

Unless agreed otherwise

  1. Payments are to be made by bank transfer, debit card, cash, or cheque backed by a bank-guaranteed card. In all cases, we require cleared funds in our bank account once the job has been completed and before we leave.
  2. You may not withhold any part of the agreed price.

8. Changes to dates/cancellations

  1. We request that you give us at least 5 working days’ notice if you need to change your removal date. If this is not possible and you just need to change the date, we will work with you to try to accommodate your new date.
  2. On the occasion that we cannot accommodate your new moving date due to lack of availability, we will refund your deposit in full.
  3. On the occasion that you wish to cancel/withdraw from this contract without providing us with 3 working days notice (Mon-Sat) we will keep your deposit.

9. Our liability for loss or damages

  1. If we fail to produce or deliver your goods in the same condition they were in at the time of packing or loading, and therefore we breach clause 3, our liability to you will be determined by clause 10. Any damages are subject to pre-assessment of the condition of your furniture that we complete before moving your goods, which is agreed by both UK Rapid Removals and the client.
  2. On the occasion that the damage is minor or of a reasonable value, we are entitled to reimburse you the cost or replace the item without making an insurance claim.
  3. Unless the invoice is paid in full, we will not process any claims.

10. Insurance for goods in transit

Any damages that occur during the removal and any breaches of clause 3 are covered by our goods in transit policy. Each vehicle is covered for up to £20,000 worth of inventory, with the maximum cover not exceeding £50,000. In the event of loss or damages to your goods our liability will be determined by:

  1. The cost of repair or replacement at the time, taking into consideration the age and condition.

11. Exclusions to our liability

We will not be liable for any loss, damages or failure to produce the goods if caused by:

  1. Fire or explosion unless caused by our negligence.
  2. Leakages of goods that were not packed by us.
  3. Goods that are not packed by ourselves, if not packaged properly by the customer, including those in wardrobes, wardrobe boxes, cardboard boxes,unless proven that damage has occurred due to our negligence.
  4. Any goods already proven damaged in the pre-assessment.
  5. Plants or goods likely to encourage moth vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination.
  6. No single employee of UK Rapid Removals will be held liable for any damages, losses or errors.

12. Packing of cardboard boxes

If you have hired us for a packing service, it will be our responsibility to:

  1. Use adequate materials, including the individual wrapping of fragile and sentimental items.
  2. Put everything that fits into a box, inside a box.
  3. Wrap all screens with protective wrapping.
  4. Close and seal all cardboard boxes securely and not over-pack single boxes.
  5. Wrap all glass with protective materials, including but not limited to mirrors.

If you have packed the boxes yourselves, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Use adequate materials and wrap fragile/sentimental items individually.
  2. Label each box and inform us of the boxes that contain fragile/sentimental contents.
  3. Box all clothing in either a cardboard box or wardrobe box.
  4. Do not pack goods mentioned in clause 5 inside cardboard boxes.

13. Time limit for claims

All claims must be raised within 7 days of the completion of the removal.

14. Delays in transit

  1. Other than by reason of our negligence or breach of contract, we will not be liable for delays in transit.
  2. If through no fault other than ours we are unable to deliver your goods, we will store them.

15. Our right to sub-contract work

We have the right to sub-contract some or all of the work. In those instances, these terms and conditions will still apply.

16. Damage to property other than the goods

  1. For property other than those goods submitted for removal/storage, we will only be held liable for damage where it can be proven that we have been negligent.
  2. If we advise against moving certain goods as it will inevitably cause damage but you insist we do so and damage is caused, we will not be held responsible.

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